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FancyDesigner Allows You to Walk into Virtual House Designer

oliver - 報導與專訪 | 2008-02-01 00:00:00

CompuTrade INTERNATIONAL No. 275 Feb. 2008

Walking through Experience-FancyDesigner Allows You to Walk into Virtual House Design

Domestic software technology is maturing, and manufacturers are researching and developing independent technology. Technology also has become the key benefit and survival tool for many industries as the development of technology and the demands of the market have made software development progress rapidly.

FancyDesigner from Rules Technology is professional 3D interior design and visualization software that can generate blueprints as well as layouts, cross-sections, and multimedia presentations. This product is recommended by the Taipei Association of Interior Designers and has already been awarded the Innovation Research Award by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

3ds MAX software provides colorful and elaborate layouts, and CAD software provides precise data. This kind of professional multifunction design software is continuing to roll out onto the market. For interior designers, professional 3D software is needed to help them set up cases quickly and show customers their design ideas. It is perfect for enabling designers to express their ideas completely through realistic layouts. Whereas most companies merely import products and techniques, the developers of FancyDesigner actually designed the software independently. Rules Technology has been developing 3D/virtual reality technology for a long time, showcasing the turning point of the domestic 3D environment for professionals.

Supplying the propulsion behind FancyDesigner software is a team of ex-III (Institute for Information Industry) multimedia technology researchers with over ten years experience in multimedia technology development. Among similar 3D software on the market, FancyDesigner’s core notion is to build user-friendly interfaces and render the scenes that are as realistic as possible. The developers have tried to bust the myth that professional software has to be multifunctional and hard to operate. Based on ergonomic principles, FancyDesigner relies on users’ intuition. As one of the developers said, the point is how fast you can get up to speed on the software and use it to show off your own innovations, not spend all your time mastering controls.

Easy to Use
Most similar 3D software on the market takes much longer for users to get used to. It generally takes users a couple of hours to complete calculations for rendering. Unfortunately, sometimes the results are not worth the effort. To cope with such difficulties, FancyDesigner integrates advanced core technologies in 3D/VR environmental simulations, high-speed 3D animation, and solid modeling with a carefully designed interface. It only takes three hours to learn to use the software, and designers will be able to let their imagination run wild in a short time.

The Taipei Association of Interior Designers said the rapid progress of technology has made everything in life much easier and more efficient. FancyDesigner’s high-speed and efficient manipulation is breathtaking. It’s amazing that a 3D design can easily be turned into a live 3D virtual reality scene in only a couple of minutes. In the past it would take almost a week to complete this task. This highly efficient modern software will entirely remove the necessity for labor-intensive work, and so will improve the speed of consultation between designers and customers.

Realistic Effect
Unlike other similar 3D software, FancyDesigner creates a brand-new level of experience with an advanced 3D virtual reality environment. In order to make manipulation more realistic, the software integrates multiple light sources and a database of high quality 3D models of furniture and ornaments that are simulated to build a realistic shadow effect. Moreover, it has a dynamic objects function which allows designers to show off live furnitures, such as hidden drawers or open cupboards. Interior designers say they are very keen on FancyDesigner as the software can help them overcome the difficulties of making designs and enable them to realize their future home ideas. Its high-quality highlights and soft shadow effects mean you no longer need to use shadow pictures and light pictures; nor do you have to touch up wall and floor surfaces. FancyDesigner is far in advance from the old 3D software.

Designers can even offer customers high-quality and multi-angle imaging (not to be confused with interior decoration, interior design or architecture itself), which allows them to showcase their complete omni-directional design ideas. Even users who have no spatial concept of design can easily enter their virtual reality future home immediately via FancyDesigner.

Future Application Platform
So can entry-level users or those who aren’t interior designers access this professional software? The answer is: yes, if you are interested, you can create your own home in whatever style you want. It’s highly accessible for most users, as it conforms to the idea of a “walk-through experience”. It is a great communication tool. In the future, FancyDesigner will find a variety of applications. “We keep trying hard to develop our own visual technology which can imitate real situations,” said Rule Technology’s Marketing Planning Department. “We want a cup of hot coffee to be visually accurate (e.g. steaming), and one day everything will be realistic. The platform is in planning and our technology will work on it. We expect that more innovative partners could innovate and make good use of it in diverse applications, particularly in interactive modes with vivid images and sound.”

According to the Marketing Planning Department, the software could be widely used by house builders in the future. Construction and development corporations currently have to build sample houses for customers, which costs corporations vast amounts of money. But if they could design and decorate for all the houses virtually, then turn them into full-size 3D images by clicking few buttons, this will lead to lower costs and a practical realistic example.

For ordinary users, Rules Technology plans to launch in January a free version of FancyDesigner that will enable them to create their own virtual houses. This will be especially useful for people who either want to redecorate their home but have no ideas, or who don’t know whether the materials they want to buy will be suitable for their home. Using FancyDesigner software, they can virtually decorate their home with vivid and realisitc materials in the database. Even if you are not a professional interior designer, you still can redecorate your home with your own unique style.


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